21st Century Library's Grand Opening

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The Pikes Peak Library District hosted a grand opening, Saturday, for it's newest Library 21C. As the name implies, it's meant to be a hands-on experience. The spokesperson for the Library District says thousands came to check it out. It's located off Chapel Hills Drive and Jamboree in Colorado Springs.

The new facility has 3D printing, a café and dozens of activities for kids. It also has tons of books. 11 News spoke with 6 year old Rowan Huls. "I got my face painted and I got a sample… and I really loved it a lot," said Huls.

The spokesperson for the Pikes Peak Library District, Travis Duncan, said there's a lot to do. "We've got a family place library down there, which is a national grant which has all kinds of fun toys and tools for adults to play with their kids that actually help with early literacy skills," said Duncan.

There were special events planned the entire day, like story reading, live shows, robots, and some fun characters.

Parent, Rachel Meier, said she will be back, "If I've got time, especially my little one, he loves going to the library. We go all the time and we would definelty come out over here."