Nearly 700 Pothole Complaints Made to the City

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We have another case of a driver vs. a pothole. And now, we're learning about the streets with the most complaints.

Our partners at the Gazette made a map that represents the nearly 700 potholes reported to the city of Colorado Springs since December.

The street with the most potholes reported by drivers is North Union with 27 complaints. The second highest is Dublin with 19 complaints.

"I moved up to Colorado Springs because it's so beautiful, and then you see the roads and it's not equal," said Marsha Garza.

So far this year, city crews have fixed 7,408 potholes, according to our partners at the Gazette. That's about 550 more than during the same time frame last year. City officials say that's because the pavement continues to deteriorate.

One pothole in need of fixing: "I was driving southbound on Lexington and hit a pothole," said Garza.

Her tire blew.

"It actually sounded kind of like a car wreck because of the metal hitting metal and it hit so hard," said Garza.

11 News went by the pothole Sunday and there were two hub caps sitting next to it. It looks like some other drivers may have hit it, too.

Garza is a home healthcare nurse and was stranded, waiting for a tow truck.

"I was supposed to be with a patient and so I ended up being two hours late," said Garza. "A lot of anxiety, very nervous, very frustrated."

Garza reported the pothole to the city.

The city says the best way to fix potholes is to repave the whole road. Money from 2C will go to paving main roads and arteries, but it won't fix them all. Paving with 2C money will likely begin next month.

"I've never seen this type of road damage, never," Garza added.

You can report potholes to our newsroom. Click the link on this page called, "Policing Potholes."

Read the Gazette's full report by clicking the link on this page.