Mountain Lion Kills Deer in Springs Family's Front Yard

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"I woke up in my bed, I heard some screaming and I looked out the window...the mountain lion had just gone into full attack on the deer," said homeowner Julie Walton.

Walton and her family watched a scary scene unfold in the front yard of their Peregrine home just after midnight Sunday.

"I saw a mountain lion eating a deer," said Walton's daughter Amelia.

They quickly snapped pictures.

"He got tired of our flashes and picked up the deer and dragged him across the street (to my neighbor's home)," Walton said.

Walton wonders what could have happened if they weren't inside their home when the mountain lion showed up.

"What if we were coming home late on Saturday night or something and he was out here," said Walton.

Walton said she's scared and from now on won't let her kids walk to the bus stop without her by their side.

"I know they are powerful animals but what we saw last night was just unbelievable," said Walton.

A neighbor called Colorado Parks and Wildlife to remove the dead deer from the property. Wildlife officers don't typically remove animal carcasses from private property but did so in this case because they didn't want the mountain lion to come back to the neighborhood.

What do you do if you come across a mountain lion? Wildlife officers say don't run. They suggest you back away slowly keeping your eyes on it, and put your arms up to make your body look as big as possible. Also, scream, yell, throw things at it until you can get away.