Missing Woman's Mom Says Police Not Doing Their Job

Kelsie Schelling

February 4, 2015 Wednesday marked the second anniversary of Kelsie Schelling's disappearance. Schelling's mother told us she doesn't think police are doing their job to find her daughter.

"Right now I have nothing," said Laura Saxton. "I can't even go to the cemetery and see her or take her flowers or honor her in that way or respect her in that way, and she doesn't deserve that."

Saxton said time hasn't healed the pain she's facing as she searches for her missing daughter. She's angry with Pueblo police.

"They're not even talking to us anymore," said Saxton. "I have not had a call from my detective since March of 2014."

Pueblo police admit they have had a difficult time with the family but tell KKTV 11 News they're doing everything they can.

"We take it with understanding," said Deputy Police Chief Andrew McLachlan. "With bad feelings comes some of the blame that we're not doing enough. That goes with a lot of cases our detectives look at that cannot come up with a resolution or justice."

When asked what she thought happened to her daughter, Saxton replied, "I don't actually know what happened to her but I believe she met with foul play."

Saxton said her daughter met up with her boyfriend, Donthe Lucas, at some point the day she disappeared. Her mom said she was 8 weeks pregnant with his child.

"I believe Donthe is instrumental of whatever happened whether or not he's the one that did something to her," Saxton said.

Saxton said Lucas accessed Kelsie's bank account after she vanished. He was charged with identity theft, but those charges were dropped.

Surveillance video shows man picking up Schelling's car from the southside Walmart the day after she disappeared. That person has never been identified.

Anyone with information is asked to call Pueblo police.

Schelling's family is planning a "Justice Walk for Kelsie" in Pueblo on Saturday, February 7, 2015 at 11 a.m. It will begin at the Pueblo Police Department at 200 S. Main St. in Pueblo.