Mobile home park likely to close due to crumbling cliff

FOUNTAIN, Colo. (KKTV) Residents of the Riverside Mobile Home Park in Fountain should find out Tuesday if the county will be getting $2 million from the state to help them relocate.

El Paso County officials want to have everybody out of the park by September. They want to tear down the nearly 30 mobile homes and four houses on the property and turn the land into open space.

The problem with the park is Fountain Creek is washing away the bank at the base of a 30-foot cliff that the park sits on top of.

Officials say the creek has been washing away the bank for years, but the record-breaking rainfall in the area in May of 2015 caused that damage to speed up.

County experts are worried that the next major storm could wash some of the homes away.

On Tuesday, the county will ask the Colorado State Housing Board for a $2 million grant to relocate the residents of the park, including the owner, Bud Calhoun.

Calhoun has owned the park for around a decade. He says he and his late wife ran the park as a "ministry" offering low-income families affordable rent even when it meant he and his wife actually lost money.

"It's been enjoyable for us. We like helping people, we like living here, and we're going to miss it." Calhoun said.

Under the county's plan, they would use the initial grant money to assign individual case workers to each of the households, and those case workers would ensure that each family gets into new affordable housing.

El Paso County would need to apply for two more grants in order to complete their plan. The first would cover the cost of buying the land and buildings back from Calhoun. That cost will be determined by a future estimate. The second grant would cover the cost of demolishing the buildings and homes on the property in order to turn it into open space.

Bud says that he plans on buying a home very close by. He would like to open another park to provide low-income housing to his current residents, who he calls his family.