Southern Colorado Military Installations On Heightened Security As Part Of Nationwide Directive

Military installations nationwide have increased their security measures Friday at the directive of U.S. Northern Command.

Every installation and military property across the country has been directed to increase their security measures. Installations are at Force Protection Bravo, the highest they've been since the 10th anniversary of 9/11. The Pentagon defines Force Protection Bravo as "an increased and predictable threat of terrorism." It's the third level out of five security levels.

The NORTHCOM directive came hours after the FBI warned that ISIS could be increasing its influence on Americans stateside. When 11 News asked if the timing of the security directive was just a coincidence or if it was in direct response to that FBI announcement, a spokesperson with NORTHCOM would only say the security increase was not directly tied to any particular threat. When pressed further, the spokesperson acknowledged that they share the concerns that the FBI has, but reiterated that no specific, imminent threat has been uncovered.

"We think this [the increased security] is prudent given the current climate," the spokesperson said. He would not say ISIS by name.

A second spokesperson with NORTHCOM told 11 News that making changes in the force protection condition level helps the military stay unpredictable.

"That way no one can anticipate our security posture at any given time," she said.

NORTHCOM said the security fluctuations are going to be "the new normal."

"The last time we did this was the 10th anniversary of 9/11 almost four years ago. That was clearly based on a upcoming event. We're no longer going to base it off just events. They are going to be random and unpredictable. That randomness serves as a valuable security tool as well as a valuable deterrence," a third spokesperson for NORTHCOM, John Cornelio, said.

Cornelio would not answer how often these security level fluctuations will occur in the future.

NORTHCOM says they set the baseline security measures, but that each installation can choose at their own discretion whether to increase the security measures further. Individual installations cannot go below the baseline NORTHCOM sets.

Service members, families and the general public are all asked to be extra vigilant for any signs of suspicious activity, and report immediately if anything out of the ordinary is seen.

Various military installations in southern Colorado released their own statements regarding the NORTHCOM directive:

Fort Carson
In accordance with U.S. Northern Command directive, Fort Carson has increased its security measures across the installation. This increase is a prudent step in light of recent events and we take seriously the force protection of our military Soldiers, Families and civilians and ask that individuals be extra vigilant for any signs of suspicious activities. Fort Carson does not discuss its specific security measures; however, Soldiers and their families are continually reminded through various means to always keep security in mind and be careful about what they talk about in public and online through email and social media sites. To report suspicious activity at Fort Carson, you can call the military police desk at
719-526-2333 or 911.

Air Force Academy
In accordance with a NORTHCOM Directive, the United States Air Force Academy has increased security measures. Until further notice, the base is closed to all non-DoD ID cardholders. Visitors may be escorted onto base by DoD ID cardholders. Visitor access for official events will be permitted on a case-by-case basis.

Please monitor the USAFA Facebook page and website for more information on future events scheduled to be held at the Academy. Additionally, DoD ID cardholders can anticipate delays when entering the installation, and there may be traffic back-ups near both of the Academy's North and South Gates. As a matter of DoD policy, we do not discuss specific security measures. However, these measures are in place to ensure the safety and security of USAFA personnel, cadets, and assets.

USAFA leadership asks the public and military personnel to remain vigilant and if you see or hear anything suspicious, please contact Security Forces at (719) 333-2000.

Peterson Air Force Base
In accordance with U.S. Northern Command guidance, Peterson AFB has increased its security measures across the installation.

As a matter of policy, we do not discuss specific security measures; however, Peterson AFB is committed to the safety and security of all personnel.

As a reminder, we ask all Team Pete personnel to keep security in mind and report suspicious activity to the Peterson AFB Law Enforcement Desk (Eagle Eyes Program) at 719-556-4000.

Comments from Schriever Air Force Base were not available at the time of this report.