Middle School Student Refuses To Get Into Unknown Man’s Van

Police are looking for an unknown man who told a middle school student to “get in the car” while she waited at a bus stop Thursday morning.

The Holmes Middle School student was walking to her bus stop near 2 El Paso Blvd. when a black male in a minivan stopped, waved, and said “hey.” The girl continued to walk toward the bus stop, and the man drove away.

The girl called her mother about the incident, but while she was waiting at the bus stop the man in the van came back.

The man, described as a heavyset black male in his mid-40s, leaned over toward the passenger window and asked the girl if she needed a ride. When she said “no,” the male responded by demanding she get in the car.

The girl pulled out her cell phone a second time and called her father. While she was dialing, the male drove away again.

Police say the suspect in this case was wearing a black t-shirt and a dark baseball hat. The vehicle was a silver or gray minivan.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 634-STOP.


The principal at Holmes Middle School sent a letter out to parents, which includes a description of the suspect and describes what happened.

It also gives a number of tips parents can talk about with their kids.

KKTV 11 News spoke to the executive director at Kidpower, a non-profit organization that teaches kids about stranger awareness.

She says walking to and from home is a vulnerable time for kids, and that parents should walk their child's route to create an escape plan if they come across a situation like this.

She also wants kids to remember they can always run or call 911.