Medical Marijuana Community Reacts To Amendment 64 Passing

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The medical marijuana community is reacting to the legalization of pot for recreational use.

Andrew Schmidt owns Higher Elevation, a medical marijuana shop in Colorado Springs.

He is in favor of legalizing pot, and is glad that Amendment 64 passed.

"We're gonna wait and see what happens," said Schmidt.

He tells 11 News he is not expecting much change to how his business operates.

"Medical marijuana and recreational marijuana cannot be sold under the same roof," said Schmidt.

District Attorney Dan May reiterated that same point. He tells 11 News that medical marijuana dispensaries will still abide by the same rules.

"Nobody can buy from a medical marijuana dispensary except a medical marijuana patient under that law," said May.

May tells 11 News that some dispensaries are getting calls from people asking if they can come in and buy pot legally now.

The new law is expected to officially go into effect in about a month.