Mayor Bach Decides To Terminate FREX Service

Colorado Springs Mayor Steve Bach has decided to end Front Range Express bus service on August 31. The decision was made despite a City Council vote to keep the service operating through the end of the year.

The City Council recently voted to extend the agreement behind the FREX service 6 to 3, but the Mayor’s Chief of Staff says it is Bach’s “authority and responsibility to execute all operational contracts to ensure sound financial decisions on behalf of our City.”

The Mayor’s office says that extending FREX service through the end of 2012 would have cost approximately $425,000. They say staff did approach the Pikes Peak Regional Transportation Authority to ask for more support, but it wasn’t available.

Around 200 passengers ride the bus each day. In contrast, about 4,000 residents ride local transit daily in Colorado Springs.

You may remember the council almost got rid of the service back in 2010, but the sale of nine surplus buses saved it--at least until now.