Many Upset With 'ISIS' Road Sign Graffiti

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Maybe someone did it to be funny--but if so, people in this military city aren't laughing.

For several hours Sunday, drivers on I-25 passing near Fillmore saw the word "ISIS" scrawled on a CDOT highway sponsor sign.

"Clean Colorado Sponsored By ISIS," the blue and white sign read.

A spokesperson with the Colorado Springs Police Department told 11 News they were alerted to the vandalized sign Monday morning. It's since been scrubbed clean--but that doesn't mean the message stopped bothering people.

"It's a poor sense of humor," Michael Babcock said. "Somebody's just not thinking things through. I think that someone was messing around and did it with a poor sense of humor."

Michael's daughter saw the sign Sunday and texted a photo to her parents.

"I think she was shocked," said Melissa, Michael's wife. "She said it was stupid how someone could do that, you know, and I agreed."

Especially in a city like Colorado Springs, the Babcocks agreed, a city where the ISIS threat looms especially large for the thousands of military families making their home there.

"We have a lot of soldiers that we care about and love," said Michael. "They're fighting for a reason and to bring this home is just disrespectful."

"It's just irresponsible and rude," Melissa added. "Immature. There's just no need for that; find something else to do."

Springs police tell 11 News they track graffiti and try to make arrests whenever possible. It's considered criminal mischief and the penalty is based on how much damage is done. No arrests have been made at this point.

The Colorado Department of Transportation says they haven't seen any other graffiti in the area with the word "ISIS."