Man Allegedly Defrauds Liberty Tax

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A man police call a "career criminal" is behind bars, accused of using false names and social security numbers to file false tax returns.

Fifty-year-old Randy Heath is charged with 23 counts of money laundering, theft, identity theft, forgery and giving false information to a pawn broker.

"It became apparent that he was stopping in each different office using a different name, but his face was always the same," said Detective Wayne Lambert with the Colorado Springs Police Department.

Investigators say he used stolen personal information of eight victims to make fake driver's licenses and fake W-2 tax forms to get tax returns.

"The W-2's weren't looking correct. It looked like numbers had been changed," said Ron Shay, Manager of Liberty Tax on Barnes Road.

But, police say he was able to cash in on Refund Anticipation Loans and also got a $50 promotional gift from each office he did business with until he got caught.

"He was called and told his tax return was ready for pick up and officers were waiting for him when he arrived and arrested him at that time," said Detective Lambert.

Police seized $17,000 from a bank account he opened using one of the victim's names.

Liberty Tax is honoring Detective Lambert next week for his hard work in this on going investigation.

Detective Lambert will be recognized at a special party at Liberty Tax at 6045 Barnes Road next Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Police say the suspect got his hands on the victim's information from a business that went under and didn't properly destroy personal information.