Man Forced To Shoot Pitbulls Attacking His Dogs Talks Exclusively To 11 News

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A Colorado Springs man who shot and killed three Pitbulls that were attacking his dogs in his own garage breaks his silence, and explains what happened to 11 News. His home surveillance system caught the audio of the whole incident.

Dan Hayman says he had just gone to bed on Friday night, when he woke up to loud barking and whining coming from his garage.

He grabbed his gun and went to check it out and when he did, he found three Pitbulls in his garage attacking one of his two German Shepherds.

Dan Hayman/Shot attacking dogs: “I came running out here and all three Pitbulls had my dog on the ground over here by the neck.”

The Pitbulls had chewed and torn their way through a fence into Dan’s backyard where a doggy-door led to the garage.

Dan says that as soon as he opened the door, one of the three Pitbulls lunged at him, so he shot and killed it.

The other two Pitbulls continued to attack his nine-year-old German Shepherd Springer, so he shot both of them too.

Hayman: “He was going down, I saved his life pretty much.”

\Dan says he knows he did the right thing, but he feels bad that he had to do it.

Hayman: “I feel sorry for the dogs themselves, really, because they didn’t deserve that, it’s just because the owners taught them that way.”

Both of Dan’s German Shepherds, Springer and Tala, are going to be okay, but Springer was injured and had to go to the vet. Dan wants the owner orowners of the Pitbulls to pay for the bill.

The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is handling the investigation into the incident. They are still trying to track down the Pitbulls’ owner(s).

Dan is not facing charges for firing a gun within the city limits because he was defending himself and his dogs.