Man Accused of Posting Hate Signs at Local Church is Arrested

The man accused of posting hateful signs outside of a local church was arrested. Forty-four year-old Vincent Broughton was served and then released.

11 News talked to Broughton after he was released.

It's a sense of relief for the New Covenant Church since they now know there's not a hate group targeting the congregation. That's because police were able to identify the man who posted signs in front of the church several times over the last few weeks.

Police say they got a tip Tuesday about a man who was posting signs in downtown Colorado Springs. That's when they arrested Broughton.

Now he's facing several charges, including biased motivated crime and littering.

Broughton is African American and the signs included racist messages about African Americans.

11 News asked Broughton why he would do something like that. He tells 11 News he's angry at a police officer who attends the church for something that happened years ago.

He wasn't completely clear when he answered our questions. But he said he wanted to get a message out.

"I didn't mean to come off to, to threaten anybody," said Broughton. "It's just to let people know that there are, there is and there are racist people in our community who are out there to destroy the unity of America."

Broughton told 11 News police took away all of his posters, so he won't be putting anymore up.

You'll remember we told you about an 11 News viewer who saw our report about the posters and put up positive signs on the tree to replace Broughton's flyers. You can find a link to that story on this page.

Broughton is set to appear in court in September.