Major Cleanup Underway After Flash Flooding

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Major cleanup efforts were underway in Manitou Springs on Saturday. The aftermath of the flood left businesses and homes full of mud and debris.

The flash flooding on Friday night transformed the patio of Adam's Mountain Café into a black sea. The flood water rushed over the retaining walls.

On Saturday instead of preparing food, employees at Adam's Mountain Café worked to scrape the layers of mud from their kitchen floor.

“When you get here and see the damage to these beautiful buildings it's heartbreaking,” said Alyssa Carpenter.

Hundreds of volunteers showed up along Manitou Avenue with shovels in hand. They worked to scrape and power wash the mud away as they helped to try and get the business back up and running.

"That's the best part of today, even employees are here and people from all over the community helping out,” explained Farley McDonought with Adam’s Mountain Café.

As volunteers filled wheelbarrows loads full of muck; one woman was busy filling volunteer's stomachs with her homemade pancakes.

“I’ve been the pancake lady out here today so I’m not muddy, just doing my part to help.”

Despite the clean up progress, businesses and homeowners say they are still on edge about the weather.

“It’s still a scary time to be honest. We know anytime an inch of rain falls on that burn scar it could happen all over again,” explained volunteer, Jeff Myers.

But if it does happen again the community will not crumble. They say they’ll continue to rally together through every storm.

“This is the heart and soul of Manitou coming together. We're working to make it right again,” said Molly Mulligan.