Local Woman Upset With IRS Over Identity Theft Case

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A Southern Colorado woman says she is upset with the IRS. This after a crook stole her identity last year and filed taxes under name.

Betty Williams says it's been more than a year since it happened, and the IRS still hasn't cleared everything up.

"This always happens to someone else and when it happens to you, hey that hits you, ya know," said Williams.

She's already filed her 2014 taxes and didn't have any problems. In fact, she's already received that refund check.

"It's just the 2013 is the one that is really, really upsetting because ya know, it's been a year," said Williams.

Williams says she really just wants her refund check.

11 News reached out to the Taxpayer Advocate for Colorado. They are part of the IRS, and help clear up tax problems.

He says identity theft really slows down the tax process, so it's not unusual that it's taking more than a year to sort out.

He says unfortunately there isn't anything you can do in this situation but wait. The only exception is if you are struggling financially, for example if you are about to be evicted, and need rent money. Then you can call and they will work with you to try to expedite the process.

You can contact the Colorado Taxpayer Advocate at 303-603-4600, or you can call toll-free at 1-877-777-4778.