Local County Commissioner Absent From Meetings

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A county commissioner at the center of an 11 News investigation was absent from another commissioner meeting.

Her office tells us she's visiting family. 11 News talked to her colleagues on Monday.

You’ll remember Pueblo County Commissioner Buffie McFadyen was found behind the wheel of her parked SUV back in January. A Pueblo County deputy said she was drunk. She was not given a sobriety test and she called for a ride home.

11 News has tried to talk with Commissioner McFadyen numerous times since we first broke this story.

We were at the commissioners meeting on Monday in hopes of finding her, but she wasn't there. She's one of three commissioners.

We talked to Commissioner Sal Pace about the challenges of having these meetings without her.

11 News asked, "How can she do her job if she's missing these meetings?"

“Let's schedule some time and we can work on this. I didn't know you wanted to do an interview." Pace said.

11 News also talked with Pueblo County Commissioner Terry Hart.

"We've done quite a bit of work with the two of us. We can't have two of us disappear because that's a problem for us. But we've operated with two before and that's how we are functioning right now," Hart said.

The commissioners plan to meet again on Wednesday. You can count on 11 News to bring you any new developments.