11News Finds Fugitive In Colorado Springs

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They reached out to the community and came away with bags of supplies for U.S. troops.

The Woodland Park High School Student Council thought it was teaming up with a charity, donating to soldiers overseas.

But students were shocked when I told them the group, called Care Package Bears was not a registered or recognized nonprofit.

Peyton Ashcraft told us, "It looked really legit... like it was real."

Ashley Hatfield says, "I think it's just really disappointing."

And what's more, the woman behind Care Package Bears is on the run... allegedly using different names and stories to get her hands on cash.

She's not accused of any crimes in Colorado, but Lacy Johnson, a 32 year old California woman is wanted for three felony charges in Los Angeles: identity theft, burglary, and grand theft, according to the district attorney's office there.

But she has yet to stand trial because the D.A. tells me she didn't show up in court.

With the help of bond agent Bobby Brown, we caught up with her here in Colorado Springs to ask why she didn't show up for court in California.

Lacy told us, "I have been there every single time to take care of it."

I countered, "But if you took care of it there wouldn't still be outstanding warrants."

She responds, "I know and that's why.... I have no idea."

A Los Angeles police detective tells me she's talked to at least 50 victims of Lacy Johnson.

Johnson reportedly distributes fliers, claims to have cancer and begging for money for treatment.

Victims I talked with tell me, they've lost upwards of $200,000... feeling hurt and betrayed when they discover Lacy isn't sick at all.

I tell Lacy, "I'm hearing from police officers and I'm hearing from people in California to Colorado that you've taken money from them and you've lied to them. Have you lied to all these people? Did you tell them you have cancer?"

Lacy wouldn't answer our questions and took off in this SUV.

Her victims tell me they just want justice and hope she doesn't take money from anyone else.

Before you donate to a cause check it out first.

Nonprofits are required to register with the I.R.S. and cancer patients asking for your donations should be willing to give you their doctor's names and treatment options.

As for all those donations collected by the Student Council. We contacted Fort Carson, which doesn't usually accept such items, but did so in our case.

These soldiers will make sure they get to those who need them.