Kelsie Schelling's Parents Hold "Justice Walk" in Downtown Pueblo to Send Message

Kelsie Schelling
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It's been two years since Kelsie Schelling was reported missing.

Saturday her family held a "Justice Walk for Kelsie" in downtown Pueblo.

They’re hoping to send a message to the Pueblo Police Department.

"We want an effective and a complete investigation and we don't feel that's happened. We just want everyone to know about that. Obviously these people here agree with that,” Kelsie’s mother Laura Saxton said.

Kelsie's mother says the more time that passes, the more hopeless she feels.

"It's very lonely. On a day to day basis, you feel like nobody else can relate to what you're going through,” Saxton said.

Among the group of supporters, there were parents who could relate.

The families of Dylan Redwine, Christopher Abeyta and murder victim Phenia Martinez were all in attendance.

“I just hope they hear us you know they can maybe get some type of investigation into the police department so they can see why these officers, these detectives and all these investigators aren't doing their job thoroughly,” Phenia Martinez’s mother Priscilla Si Fuentes said.

11 News Reporter Jessica Leicht asked Saxton what Kelsie would think of the turnout for the justice walk - “She would be blown away, she'd be in tears I’m sure. It's amazing, she's got to feel the love wherever she is, she's got to feel all the love that's here,” Saxton said.

The justice walk comes a day after Kelsie’s parents filed a federal lawsuit against Kelsie’s boyfriend some members of his family.

The lawsuit alleges Donthe Lucas may have caused her death and members of his family helped him during or after the alleged killing.