Investigation Finds Officer Used Excessive Force On Teenage Girl

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A Colorado Springs police officer was disciplined for slamming a woman face first into the ground, but remains employed with the police department.

CSPD announced the findings of their internal investigation Friday.

The video was more than a year and a half old when it emerged earlier this year. It showed Officer Tyler Walker throwing then 18-year-old Alexis Acker to the ground inside a hospital. Acker was in handcuffs at the time.

Acker suffered multiple injuries, and had to undergo dental work to repair damage to her teeth. An attorney for Acker told 11 News that some of her injuries are permanent.

Walker said in his police report after the Nov. 2013 incident that Acker was drunk and became combative with him and a second arresting officer, kicking both several times.

"I then explained to Ms. Acker it was very stupid for her to kick at police as she was now under arrest for assaulting an officer," Walker wrote in his police report.

Walker noted in his report that he outweighed Acker by 100 pounds and had almost a foot on her in height.

The Colorado Springs Police Department launched an internal investigation in July 2014. They released the following statement Friday:

Police released the following statement today:

The internal investigation regarding Officer Tyler Walker has been completed. The allegation of Treatment of Offenders-Force 1650.56 has been sustained and discipline was imposed. Due to pending civil litigation Colorado Springs Police Department is unable to provide further comment or details.

Officer Walker is still employed by the Colorado Springs Police Department."

Police are not saying what disciplinary action Walker faced.