Humane Society Responds To Backlash In Case Of Dogs Accused Of Killing Cat

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The Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region is getting backlash for a story that aired on CNN.

According to CNN, a Colorado Springs family was told to pay a hefty fine or risk seeing their dogs euthanized for a crime they may not have even committed.

This is all because someone thinks they saw the dogs kill a cat back in January...-Excerpt from CNN story

After allegedly seeing the lab and pit bull kill a cat, the neighbor reported the incident to local authorities. Jake and Lucy were seized by animal control officers. But dog owner Caitlin McAdam says they didn't do it.

"We thought we could just go to the Humane Society and prove that, and get them back," said McAdam.

But she didn't get them back. Instead, the dogs' owner said she was informed that since her dogs were impounded as "dangerous dogs," she either had to pay housing fees to keep them at the Humane Society or move them to another boarding facility while this case went through the court system. Her attorney tells 11 News if the owner didn't do either option, the dogs would have become custody of the Humane Society and could have been euthanized.

Here's what the Humane Society told 11 News: "With a dangerous dog situation, those animals are impounded and they do need to pay the fees," said Jan McHugh-Smith, president and CEO of the Humane Society of the Peaks Peak Region. "But again, these fees are set by the government and they can go to the court and ask for the court to look at the cost of care if they can't afford it."

McAdam told CNN she's spent more than $9,000 in attorney fees and boarding costs. The Humane Society says they charged her $250 total for the four days the dogs were in their care.

McAdam now has her dogs back at home, but they have certain conditions if they leave the home.

Her attorney says she will be back in court Friday, where she will take a plea deal.