Hickenlooper Marks Anniversary Of Massive Floods

Flooding in Lyons, Sept. 2013 (Credit: KCNC)
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Gov. John Hickenlooper visited Lyons to mark the anniversary of the week that massive flooding tore through Colorado last year.

Hickenlooper said in a statement Monday that the state is committed to helping cities and towns recover fully from the natural disaster, which started Sept. 11.

The governor's office says the flooding caused about $3 billion in damage. The floods hit 24 counties and covered more than 2,000 square miles.

Hickenlooper was in Lyons Monday morning to talk about repairs to U.S. Highway 36 and other roads damaged in last September's flooding.

All state roads destroyed by the water have reopened but more permanent repairs and improvements are still planned. Long-term work on the stretch of the U.S. 36 from Lyons and Estes Park started in the spring.