Hearing Impaired Students Creating Sign Language Movies

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A Southern Colorado teacher is working to improve communication at home between hearing impaired students and their parents.

Through the help of a $5,000 grant from The Qwest Foundation, SueAnn Gurwell has brought video cameras and other equipment into the classroom.

"The kids are using it and are excited to turn on the video camera and focus it, get it all ready and then tell the other kids to start signing," said Mrs. Gurwell.

Students video tape their classmates reading and signing popular children's books.

"The kids engagement with the technology was just amazing and their enthusiasm for signing," said Qwest Colorado President Chuck Ward.

The video is then made into a DVD and sent home with the book.

"As that goes home, the parents and the families are able to communicate more with their children," said Gurwell.

Mrs. Gurwell says students will record 30 different books by the end of the school year.

Other students at the school will be able to check out the videos and use them as a resource to better understand sign language.

The Qwest Foundation will have $150,000 in grant money again next year to award more teachers who bring unique and innovative ideas into their classrooms.