DOW Looking Injured Goose Spotted Around The City

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A feathered friend is in a bit of a predicament. The goose has been walking around Colorado Springs with something stuck in its body for several days.

But it turns out, wildlife experts say it's not as bad as it looks.

Division of Wildlife officers have tried to capture it more than once and have not been successful.

At this point, wildlife officers say there isn't much humans can do.

The goose can fly and it appears to be eating and getting around okay. Every time wildlife officers get within 30 yards of it, the bird flies away.

"As with injured deer and other injured wildlife, the best response is to allow the animal to continue. As long as it can move, eat, function in a semi-normal way or normal way, just let nature take it's course," said Michael Seraphin, Division of Wildlife Spokesperson.

DOW is not certain whether or not the goose was shot with an arrow, or if it is something else that the goose got stuck on its body.

It is illegal to hunt in the city limits of Colorado Springs, but since no one knows where the goose was shot, or even whether or not the item is an arrow, Seraphin says it's unlikely anyone will face charges.

If you see the goose, you're asked to call the Division of Wildlife at 227-5200.