Girl's Mother Speaks Out After Kiss Leads to Suspension

Jade Ownbey says she stands by the school district's decision to suspend the little boy who kissed her daughter, but believes the story has been overblown.

A local school district has decided a 6-year old boy should not have "sexual harassment" on his school record after he was suspended for kissing a girl on the cheek.

It happened at Lincoln Elementary School in Canon City.

School officials will be putting a "misconduct" note in his school file instead.

The mother of the girl spoke to 11 News after she said the coverage was over-exaggerated and unfair to both kids involved.

Jade Ownbey said she'd like to clear the record.

The moms of both children have said this isn't the first time the boy has been suspended for similar behavior towards the little girl.

"Whenever she would come home and tell me that she had a hard time at recess and wasn't being able to play with the girls because she was being chased or because he was bothering her, I always asked what was happening with the teachers: 'Did you tell or what happened after that?' She always said that he got in trouble for it so I trust the school system," said Ownbey, the mother of the little girl.

Ownbey, who is a math teacher in Canon City School District RE-1, told 11 News she stands by school officials' decision to suspend him based on his behavior towards her daughter.

"He's a little boy...he's being silly and he's being naughty, and he needs to learn not to do that. But there's forgiveness and it shouldn't be a huge story. It's a small thing, it's a school district doing what they're supposed to do," said Ownbey.

The boy has since returned to school.

The little boy's mother was not immediately available for an interview but tells 11 News that she is expecting an official letter from the school, clarifying the removal of the "sexual harassment" line from his record.