Man Dies Following Sledding Crash

UPDATE: Colorado Springs Police say 33-year-old David Teets of Colorado Springs died as a result of the injuries he sustained after hitting a parked car, while being pulled behind a car on a sled.

A woman was originally taken into custody Monday night after she claimed the man she was allegedly pulling on a sled behind her vehicle hit a parked car and was seriously injured.

Further investigation led CSPD to Michael Miner, 43, as the alleged driver.

The accident happened in a parking lot near Monterey and South Circle in Colorado Springs.

Miner was taken into custody and charged with vehicular assault and attempt to influence a public official, both considered felony charges.

Cassandra Caton, 27, who first claimed to be the driver, was charged with accessory to a crime, a felony, and was kept at the Criminal Justice Center.

Police say the man suffered serious bodily injuries and was taken to the hospital. His name has not been released.