Four Dogs Killed In Fire, Suspect Arrested

Colorado Springs police arrested Joshua Harvin, 21, for allegedly starting a fire that killed four dogs.

Harvin is being charged with first-degree arson and criminal mischief. Both are felonies. Harvin is also facing a charge of cruelty to animals, which is a misdemeanor.

That fire started in the basement of a home where Harvin's mother lived. It happened Wednesday evening on the 3500 block of Jon Street near Nevada and Fillmore in Colorado Springs.

11 News obtained Harvin's arrest papers. Investigators believe fire-starting logs were used by Harvin to start the fire. It had been burning for one to two hours before crews arrived on scene.

The fire was so large, it took 32 firefighters to fight it. It also took nearly 40 minutes to get the fire under control. While battling the fire, four dogs were found and removed from the home. All of the dogs died. One dog was rescued from the home.

Arrest papers reveal Harvin allegedly called his grandmother and admitted to starting the fire. On Wednesday, an employee with Cedar Springs Hospital also called police claiming a client started the fire. Harvin allegedly told the employee, "I feel bad about the dogs dying." When asked about starting the fire, Harvin reportedly told police he only had a dream about it.

Harvin's mother and her boyfriend were not home at the time. They won't be able to stay there because of the damage. Fire crews estimate $15,000 - $20,000 worth of damage was done to the home.

"With that much heat and smoke, pretty tough for a pet to survive that," Capt. Steve Oswald with the Colorado Springs Fire Department said. ''We try our best. We want to do a rescue just as much as anyone else, of pets."

Harvin is being held at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center on a $10,000 bond.