Former Undersheriff Signs Petition To Recall Maketa

The push to recall embattled El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa is gaining steam, as former supporters of the sheriff have begun emerging to sign a petition calling for him to step down.

Maketa is facing several allegations, including abuse of power, affairs with subordinates and a hostile, discriminatory work environment.

As she signed the petition Tuesday, Maketa's first undersheriff told 11 News that the sheriff was not the same person that he was when they first met.

"He no longer represents what is on our badge, which is honesty, loyalty and unity, and he shouldn't be wearing that badge," Terri Goodall said. Goodall worked for the El Paso County Sheriff's Office for 25 years.

The years changed Maketa, Goodall said.

"He should set the example and in the past he has, and he's set a very good example, but then things went very wrong."

Goodall said that during her time as Maketa's undersheriff, they had a healthy work environment and did not use intimidation tactics.

"We did not do the things that I have heard he's been doing since I left, we tried to have a positive work environment.

"I was proud to work for him, I was proud to work for the sheriff's office."

Goodall said she decided to sign the petition calling for Maketa's resignation because she was disappointed that he didn't step down after the allegations came to light.

"I'm signing it now because I really thought Terry would do the right thing after this came out and I thought he would resign."

So far, the group supporting the recall has collected around 17,000 signatures. Forty-four thousand are needed to get on the ballot.