Former Police Officer's Murder Trial Rescheduled

UPDATE 6/16: The trial for a police officer accused of murder has been delayed until January 2016.

James Ashby is charged with second degree murder in the death of Jack Jacquez in Rocky Ford in 2014.

Ashby's trial was originally scheduled to start in July.

PREVIOUS 2/12: A former Colorado police officer accused of shooting a man in the back and killing him, plead not guilty.

Former Rocky Ford police officer, James Ashby, is accused of killing 27-year old Jack Jacquez last October. Ashby's facing second-degree murder charges.

Ashby's attorney told 11 News that they are not ruling out the possibility of discussing a plea deal.

"The prosecution has not presented us with a plea deal yet, but we spoke with the prosecution and we're going to have discussions about that in the near future," said Michael Lowe, Ashby's attorney.

Ashby has until May 8 to file his "not guilty" plea.

On the night of the shooting, Jacquez's family says Jack had just returned home from babysitting at 2 a.m. when Ashby barged into the home and shot him in the back.

Jack's mother was in the room when the shooting happened.

"I'm here for my son all the way, I mean he's with me in spirit ... Going to trial is going to bring justice for many people in the valley not just myself and his friends, everyone," said Viola Jacquez.

A different witness who was with Ashby the night of the shooting said he could hear Officer Ashby yelling "Drop the bat!" seconds before the shooting. The witness said Ashby believed Jacquez could have been a burglar.

Jacquez's mother said her son was only holding the skateboard he rode home on and wasn't trying to attack the officer.

The coroner has confirmed that Jacquez was shot in the back.

Ashby's trial date is set for July 27, although his attorney told 11 News he has a court date scheduled for June 16.

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