Father Of 2, Iraq War Vet Killed In Friday Shooting Remembered As Good Man

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"I was crushed...it was unreal. Almost half a million people here and it happened to be my brother out of all of these people. Random."

Leonte Chandler followed his big brother to Colorado after Ke'arre Stewart was stationed at Fort Carson. Stewart loved the city so much, he was ready to end his military career so he could stay, Chandler said.

"When he got to Colorado Springs, he wanted to go ahead and retire. He loved this city, and he wanted to stay."

Here, Stewart reunited with his Army buddy Tony Fisher.

"We met in '03, '04 while at Ford Hood, Texas; deployed '05-'06. Lost touch for years and randomly reunited about four months ago," Fisher said.

The two quickly picked up where they left off, becoming so close that they spent Thanksgiving together.

"We ate dinner and, you know, had a nice fellowship telling old stories...like Army people do."

They made plans to catch the Broncos-Patriots game on Sunday.

"He was supposed to be here this morning [Sunday morning]," Fisher said. "But he failed to show up."

Fisher didn't know why at the time, but in a few hours it would become horrifying clear: Stewart had been killed two days earlier in a shooting rampage at a Springs Planned Parenthood. When talking to 11 News reporter Dustin Cuzick Sunday night, Fisher said there had been clues over the previous 48 hours that Stewart had been one of the victims, but he didn't want to believe it.

"Probably around 9:30 or so on Friday, [Stewart's] girlfriend and a friend of theirs showed up and was asking if I'd seen Ke'Arre...I was like, 'No, he was with you, why would I have seen him?' ... Then she proceeded to tell me the Planned Parenthood story.

"I spent all day calling his phone and it would ring and then go to voicemail and then Saturday--so yesterday--I called his phone and I knew it was bad when I just went straight to voicemail about the ringing or anything."

Both Fisher and Chandler agreed that the world lost a beautiful person on that terrible Friday afternoon in Colorado Springs.

"He was a good man, he was always smiling," Chandler said of his older brother. "He's a wonderful father. He left behind two daughters. ... Big brother everyone dreams of."

"He's a...kind, caring, dreamer, the kind of person that would take the shirt off his back and give it to a random person," Fisher said. "He was a good guy, just like most people in this world are good people who don't go around shooting people.

"You shouldn't have to miss somebody who is 29 years old."

Police have not released where the victims were when they were shot, but family members tell 11 News Stewart was shot outside the clinic. In his final moments, he went back into Planned Parenthood to warn everyone inside.