Family Of Man Allegedly Slain By Rocky Ford Officer Speaks Out

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The family of a man allegedly shot and killed by a police officer says they don't feel safe.

The man accused of pulling the trigger, former Rocky Ford police officer James Ashby, is out on bond. The Jacquez family says that terrifies them.

"I'm scared. I fear for my life. I fear for other people's lives. I fear for my mother. I fear for children on the streets playing football, basketball...I am in fear," Jackie Jacquez told 11 News.

Jackie's brother Jack was shot in his home in Rocky Ford on October 12. The family says they don't know why Officer Ashby showed up at the house in the middle of the night. They told 11 News reporter Natassja Leyba that Jack had been babysitting Ashby's girlfriend's kids that night, and Ashby had followed him home. Jack died on the kitchen floor.

"It was just horrible, we had to clean up my brother's blood," Jackie said.

The mother who saw it all just wants justice for her son.

"I miss everything about him. I used to get up every morning to make sure my baby was in bed and safe," Viola Jacquez said through tears.

Looking around the Jacquez house, you can still see signs from that night. A bullet hole, mace stains and marks made by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.

According to the family, Ashby was standing in the living room when he allegedly shot Jacquez.

Ashby has been charged with second-degree murder. He was previously being held on a $1 million bond, but his bond was reduced to $150,000. After the bond was lowered, Ashby was able to meet the new amount. On the condition of his release, Ashby is to have no contact with the victim's family. He also was ordered to give up any weapons, his passport, and law enforcement credentials.

The family says they just want justice for Jack.

"I will never be able to talk to my brother, I will never be able to do the sibling things," Jackie said.

"That was my son. We cared and loved each other very, very much," Viola said.

Ashby is set to be in court again on Dec. 22.