Family Goat Helps Catch Fugitive; Fort Carson Confirms Suspect Is Soldier

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A Fountain family's goat alerted them to a criminal hiding in the brush behind their house; in an ironic twist, the suspect was already wanted on an unrelated animal abuse charge.

Joseph Kimsey, 22, also known as Joseph Hargett, is behind bars at the El Paso County Jail facing a list of new felony charges after he tried to escape troopers during an attempted traffic stop south of Fountain on Friday morning.

A spokesperson with Colorado State Patrol says at 8:15 a.m. Friday, troopers spotted Kimsey in a pickup truck on I-25 near exit 120 just south of the Pikes Peak International Raceway, refusing to yield. Instead of stopping, he got off the interstate at exit 123 and started speeding through fields to get away. He eventually abandoned the truck.

From there, what started as a car chase turned into an all-day manhunt.

The Browning family was on edge all day, State Patrol warning them that Kimsey could be nearby. When the family was getting ready to leave the house on Friday evening, they decided to take one more look around to make sure nothing was out of the ordinary.

That's when they noticed their 6-year-old goat Dwight seemed to be looking at something in the bushes behind their home.

"One more time I'll just quickly check all the doors and windows and make sure they're locked, and I just happened to glance down this way [points at his goats], and I said, 'Kathy, Dwight's looking at someone,'" John Browning recalled.

Just seconds later, Kimsey came walking out of the brush behind their house.

"He came walking down...went over to the neighbor's [house]," John's wife Kathy Browning said.

Kathy, John and their son Nick kept an eye on Hargett while they called 911. Then they called their neighbor to warn him.

"Kathy had called us up, said, 'Hey, there's someone walking towards your house that doesn't look like he belongs there,'" Gary Keller said.

Keller was then able to convince Kimsey to come out and surrender to sheriff's deputies, who were already on their way.

Kimsey is facing several new charges from Friday, including:

Reckless Driving
Reckless Endangerment
Vehicular Eluding
Possession of Stolen License Plates
Driving while License Under Restraint - Cancelled/Denied
Possession of Scheduled 2 Drugs

Court records show that Kimsey was already wanted for misdemeanor animal abuse/neglect charges from December 2014.

Fort Carson confirmed Tuesday that Kimsey is a sergeant with the 1st Stryker Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division.

It's possible the alleged fugitive would have remained on the run if it wasn't for Dwight the goat. Instead, Kimsey made his first court appearance Tuesday.

"He's a hero," Nick Browning said, laughing. "He deserves a key to the city!"

As for Dwight, he's staying pretty humble about the whole thing. Since dabbling in crimefighting Friday, he's gone back to chewing hay and spending time with the Brownings' other animals.