Family: Dad tried to save drowning sons

Jeff Foreman with his sons Paul Jacob Foreman, 10 and Daniel Foreman, 7 (Credit: Foreman family via KCNC)

PINEWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) The father of two young boys tried in vain to find his sons after they got caught in fast-moving water Sunday.

"He did everything he could to save them," the boys' grandfather, Paul Foreman, told sister station KCNC.

Jacob Foreman, 10, and Daniel Foreman, 7, wandered away from their father during a picnic alongside a section of the Little Thompson River knows as The Tubs. Paul Foreman told KCNC that his son, Jeff, was taking picnic supplies out of his backpack while the boys played. During this time, Paul says his grandsons wandered about 40 yards upstream. When Jeff realized they were gone, he went into the water after them.

The current swept Jeff upstream, where he found his sons washed up near the edge of the river. Jeff tried desperately to perform CPR, but was unable to revive them. Rescue teams that arrived a short time later also tried performing CPR.

The Larimer County Coroner's Office ruled both deaths accidental drowning.

"His whole life was centered on those kids," Paul told KCNC, saying his son was inconsolable.

KCNC says the elder Foreman was emotional during the interview, wiping away tears as he called the incident a tragic accident.

The family is now making funeral arrangements. KCNC has obtained information on a GoFundMe page for the family, which can be found in the link on the side of this page.