Fallen Officer Garrett Swasey's Church Remembers Him, Forgives Alleged Shooter

Family and friends gathered Sunday to remember one of the victims of the shooting.

Garrett Swasey was a six-year veteran of the UCCS police force.

Swasey’s church, Hope Chapel, remembered him Sunday at their service.

Pastor Scott Dontanville says Garrett will be deeply missed by their congregation.

He also prayed with the church for the alleged shooter Robert Lewis Dear.

The pastor says he doesn't think the world would be a better place hanging on to anger, and it's their responsibility as Christians to forgive Robert Lewis Dear.

Officer Swasey was a co-elder at the church and played guitar in their worship group.

The congregation sang, laughed and cried as the pastor gave his message.

Dontanville says Garrett lived his life for Christ, laying his life down for others because Christ laid down his life for him. The pastor says Garrett was willing to do that because he cares.

The pastor says not seeing Garrett playing with their worship group made him feel like there was a hole.

"The guy was just valuable. You don't realize the worth of someone until they're not with you anymore. He's going to be missed,” Dontanville said.

The congregation met with Swasey's family Saturday to support them and pray with them.

Sunday was Swasey's son Elijah's birthday. The church sang him "Happy Birthday."