FBI Alert For Military Families In Colorado

The FBI has issued a warning to military families following multiple reports of men going to homes trying to get personal information.

The first reported incident happened in Greeley back in May. According to the FBI, two men pulled up at a home of a U.S. service member and started talking to the wife. She told the FBI that the men stated she was the wife of a U.S. interrogator, and started laughing after she denied it.

The men then left in a dark-colored 4-door sedan. The FBI says both men were of Middle Eastern descent, and that two other Middle Eastern men were in the sedan. The woman told the FBI she had seen the vehicle in her neighborhood before.

The following month, the FBI received similar reports from several military families in Wyoming. In each case, relatives of service members reported being confronted in front of their homes by Middle Eastern men. They told the FBI the men would try to intimidate them into providing personal information about the family and the service member. The FBI didn't go into specifics about the encounters, but said the family members reported feeling scared.

The bureau has not identified the men, and says it's unknown if it's been the same men every time.

Fort Carson issued a statement Wednesday night addressing the FBI investigation.

"We are not aware of any specific threats to Fort Carson soldiers, family members or civilians. However, we take seriously the protection of our community and ask that individuals be extra vigilant for any signs of suspicious activities. Fort Carson does not discuss its specific security measures; however, soldiers and their families are continually reminded through various means to always keep security in mind and be careful about what they talk about in public and online through email and social media sites. To report suspicious activity at Fort Carson, you can call the military police desk at 719-526-2333 or 911."

If you or anyone you know has been approached or sees suspicious behavior, call the FBI "Fort Collins Resident Agency" at 970-663-1028. If in Wyoming, call the FBI Cheyenne Resident Agency at 307-632-6224.