Extraordinary Joint Birthday Celebration: Woman Turns 100, Another Turns 103

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It was a very special day at the Sunridge Retirement Community. Two women celebrated milestone birthdays Saturday.

Thelma Fischer turned 103 years old Saturday. While Lela Wallace turned 100 years old on Friday.

About 100 people showed up for a joint birthday party to celebrate the two. We asked what their favorite part of the day was.

"I suppose I should say eating," joked Fischer.

"Mine is seeing all the people that I do, that I’ve not seen for a long time, some of them," said Wallace.

11 News asked what some of their favorite memories are over the past century.

“I’d say being with friends and talking about old times," said Fischer.

"I think the best memory I have is when our families were all closely knit and we got together a lot," said Wallace. "That’s one of my favorite memories.”

Wallace also said she was one of ten children and all of them were boys until she was born.

"I spent all my life in Rifle, Colorado until I moved over here to Colorado Springs ten years ago and now I’m in retirement," Fischer quipped.

Fischer's family told 11 News about her love for one particular sport.

"Basketball! Oh, that’s another story!" said Fischer.

And don't worry, she will be cheering on the home team on Sunday.

"I’m a sports fanatic," said Fischer. "Of course, I’m rooting for the Rockies and the Broncos."

Wallace has a love for track and dance.

“When I was in high school, I was a runner and I really enjoyed that," said Wallace. “Oh, I loved to dance. That’s how I met Max, I have to tell you that!"

So, what's the secret to living to 100 and 103?

"Taking walks," said Fischer. Her family and friends say she takes walks every day.

Wallace said it's her loved ones.

“Actually, I think seeing all my family and everybody here," said Wallace. "I think that is a secret -- Is that a good answer, haha.”

Happy Birthday, Thelma and Lela, from 11 News!