Dog Missing For 10 Months Reunited With Family

A dog that has been missing for 10 months has now been reunited with his Colorado Springs family. The twist is how the dog was found.

BonZ, an adorable little Pomeranian, is happy to be home again after he was lost for a long time.

“He really hasn't left my side too much, he's kind of clinging,” said Jill Bass, BonZ’s owner.

BonZ has been missing since last April. Jill Bass and her family did everything they could to find him, even posting a Craigslist ad.

"Sometimes I would just sit in my car and start crying,” said Bass.

Then just a few days ago, BonZ was brought into the Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region as a stray dog.

One of their employees from customer service, Melinda Lawson, recognized the dog from his picture on the Craigslist ad.

That’s when the Lost and Found Coordinator, Tamara Egley, got to work and tracked down the family.

"It's awesome for us, it reminds us why we are here. We worry about these dogs, we know they’re missing for long periods of time, and it just brings us a lot of joy to reunited these animals and see how happy the animals are and the owners are,” said Egley.

"I couldn't even believe it really. But at the same time somewhere inside we knew he was gonna come back,” said Bass. “It’s just such a blessing to have him home.”

Jill and her family adopted BonZ a few years ago from a puppy mill. They adopted him through the National Mill Dog Rescue Association.

So in a way, their faithful family pet has now been rescued twice.

Bass can’t thank everyone at the Humane Society enough, and all the people who helped them along the way to bring their BonZ home.

“Just that a little 10 pound dog can bring so much happiness, and togetherness, and just human kindness,” said Bass.

The humane society said they quickly found the dog's owner thanks to a lost report the family filled out with them, and the dog's microchip. They encourage all owners to take the same steps.