Documents Obtained by 11 News Reveal More Details About Alleged Affair

11 News has obtained of the emails allegedly exchanged between El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa and two of his employees.

You can read them entirely by clicking on the links to the right of this story.

These are the same emails at the center of a Gazette article and that some of the El Paso County Commissioners reviewed.

There are two sets of emails allegedly between Maketa and two different women.

Tiffany Huntz is the head of training for dispatchers. Dorene Cardarelle was hired as a budget analyst but was promoted to comptroller, doubling her salary.

The majority of the emails are reportedly between Maketa and Cardarelle. Those emails are intimate and sexual in nature.

One email dated December 7, 2008 from Maketa to Cardarelle says, “I get such a content feeling when my hands feel your skin."

This one from December of 2009, Maketa emails Cardarelle saying, “For the last two and half years, I truly felt and believe you were my first and only true love, friend and soul mate.”

Cardarelle was at the commissioners meeting Thursday morning. She sat with a serious look on her face while the board spoke against Maketa.

Thursday, commissioners Darryl Glenn said these emails allegedly between her and Maketa were a part of his decision.

"In my opinion, it does confirm that there was a very intimate, consensual relationship between the sheriff and an employee. Communication did occur over a tax payer medium. Let that be a lesson that you should not have an expectation of privacy if you are using taxpayer funded resources to communicate, and that's one of the reasons we're talking about this publicly," Glenn said.

Maketa is also accused of having an inappropriate relationship with the undersheriff, Paula Presley; however, no emails or text messages have surfaced to support that accusation.

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