Colorado Income Tax Refund Check Delay

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Every day, she checks the status of her state income tax refund online and gets the same message: it’s been processed, but not mailed.

Like thousands of other Coloradans, Alex Blackwell has been waiting patiently for the state to send her refund.

Alex told me, “It’s a little aggravating. I’ve been waiting day by day, and you know, it’s supposed to help me in between pay checks, and so I’m like, 'Okay, maybe today I’ll get it. Maybe today I’ll get it.' Every time I check the status, the status doesn’t change.”

The mail room here at the Colorado Department of Revenue in Denver is on overdrive.

You're looking at hundreds of tax refund checks that have been processed and are now being mailed out.

Typically the department prefers to deposit refunds directly into people's bank accounts, but because of all the data breaches and so many people's identities being stolen, workers have changed the way they operate.

So far, half of all refunds for the 2015 tax year have been converted to paper checks that are delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to make sure the money is getting into the right hands.

Ro Silva with the Colorado Department of Revenue said, “Millions of records have been taken by criminals and one of their targets is tax refunds, so we are ensuring that tax refunds that are claimed here at the Colorado Department of Revenue, state tax dollars, are going to the right person and that takes time to review all of that information."

I'm told some people's refunds could be delayed by as much as two months. Returns that are suspicious are being flagged and those taxpayers are actually getting letters in the mail, double-checking to make sure they really filed those returns. Again, the state is asking for patience, saying it wants to make sure the money is getting into the right hands.

If you're worried about the status of your state tax refund, you can track it online.