Delays Continue With State Income Tax Refunds

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The state refund delay of up to 60 days continues in Colorado.

Inside the Department of Revenue mail room, employees have been mailing--instead of direct depositing--at least half of all Coloradans' refunds.

The reason? Crooks.

There have been so many criminals filing fake returns in other people's names and pocketing the refunds, that state workers are having to make sure the money is getting into the right hands.

Ro Silva with the Colorado Department of Revenue says, “We are ensuring that tax refunds that are claimed here at the Colorado Department of Revenue, state tax dollars, are going to the right person...that takes time to review all of that information."

Don't be surprised if the state contacts you. It will mail a notice to your home address if agents need to verify your identity. You can also check the status of your refund by going online to the Colorado Department of Revenue website.