Death Of Ft. Carson Soldier Reportedly Revealed To Wife On Facebook

Staff Sgt. Christopher L. Brown
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A spokesperson from Ft. Carson told 11 News Wednesday commanders are trying to get to the bottom of how SSG Christopher Brown’s wife found out about his death. Brown, with the 4th BCT 4th ID, died early in April during an enemy attack.

The word of it reportedly traveled fast.

Commanders are looking into reports that a soldier on assignment with Brown in Afghanistan told a fellow soldier at home about what happened. That soldier then reportedly told another 4th BCT soldier still at home, who allegedly contacted Brown’s wife Ariell by Facebook.

Waves of 4th BCT soldiers have been deploying for the past few weeks. The last large group of 4th BCT soldiers deployed to Afghanistan Wednesday morning, according to a Ft. Carson spokesperson.

The reported sharing of information is now under investigation.

In some pre-deployment briefings, soldiers are told specifically about the casualty notification process, according to Master Sgt. Craig Zentkovich.

Zentkovich could not confirm if the soldiers who deployed with Brown were told how to handle sharing information about a soldier's death.

If commanders determine orders were broken there's a chance at least one of these soldiers could eventually face court martial.