Cyclist Hit by Angry Driver

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The search continues for a driver in southern Colorado with a serious case of road rage. Police say the man intentionally hit a bicyclist last week.

A 20 year-old Triathlon athlete now has a broken wrist because of it. It happened near Colorado Avenue and 12th Street in Colorado Springs.

Max Bennett was ready to turn pro this summer in a triathlon in Canada. Now he's nursing a broken wrist thanks to road rage.

Last Tuesday afternoon he was riding his bike headed east bound on Colorado Avenue when an angry driver changed his course for the summer.

Bennett has pedaled down this road in Colorado Springs hundreds of times. He's dealt with occasional hecklers, but nothing like this.

"The driver came up next to me and started yelling and getting very angry," said Bennett. "He was telling me to get off the road, that I need to be on the sidewalk, that I was blocking traffic."

Bennett says the driver, a man in his mid 30s, followed him for several blocks, harassing him and even trying to pin him against a car.

"I just kept waving him on and telling him to keep driving," said Bennett.

Bennett says the angry driver swerved into him and hit his bike. It caused Max to hit a curb, which sent him flying over the handlebars.

The driver sped off. Max broke his wrist and his bike was damaged.

"You can see I hit the curb right there, where the rim is bent," said Bennett. "It broke a few spokes on there."

For the next several weeks, Bennett will be riding a stationary bike until his wrist heals.

"I'm angry at the point it got to and I'm angry that he took that aggressive behavior out on me," said Bennett. "But I'm just happy that I came out alive."

Police say the man was driving a maroon Jeep Grand Cherokee. Max says the driver was a white man in his mid 30s with light brown hair, weighing about 180-200 pounds.

Two other drivers who witnessed the attack were able to get partial license plates. If you have any information call Springs Police.

Springs Police say cyclists have the same rights as motor vehicles. In fact, state law says drivers must allow at least three feet between their vehicle and the bicyclist.

Here's a link to other state laws for sharing the roadways:

Max was set to compete this July but had to drop out because of his injuries. He says his goal is now to compete as Pro this September.

You can follow his journey on his blog here: