Couple Killed In Plane Crash Remembered

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Family and friends of Anthony and Nicole Riggan said their final goodbyes during a graveside service for the couple at the Air Force Academy Cemetery on Saturday morning.

As KKTV previously reported, the couple was killed in a plane crash on December 22 when Riggan attempted to land his small plane at the Colorado Springs airport. The NTSB's preliminary report, released on January 3, said that the weather conditions, poor visibility and lack of de-icing equipment all may have contributed to the crash.

A friend from Anthony's unit and an Air Force Academy Cadet presented the companion urn at the ceremony. Both Anthony and Nicole will be interred together.

The ceremony included a gun salute, taps, and a fly-over of a B1B Lancer, the plane Riggan would have flown, had he been deployed with his unit this month.

A family friend who had known Anthony since he was 5-years-old said of the graveside service, "Anthony was a man of ceremony, he loved the military, he loved his country, I think he would be honored, but I think he would be humbled, that all this happened for him".

The sunshine and calm skies were welcomed by Nicole's mother, who said it was a fitting day for the couple who shined so brightly in their lives, "this day is so glorious like, heaven is, and that they're already there, and God blessed the rest of us left behind with this beautiful beautiful day to honor and glorify them".

Scholarship funds have been set up for both Anthony and Nicole Riggan, you can find more information on the couple and their legacy by clicking on the link posted below.

Friends and family say the couple was strong in their faith in God and love for one another, and those left behind take solace in knowing that they will all meet again someday in heaven.