Couple Arrested For Allegedly Setting House On Fire

Jacob and Kendra Warrum

Why would a couple deliberately set their house on fire?

Neighbors are struggling with that question after the news broke that a husband and wife have been arrested for allegedly burning their own house down.

Jacob Warrum, 26, is charged with arson and bribing a witness. Kendra Warrum, 27, is charged with conspiracy to commit arson.

The fire broke out at 7568 Chasewood Loop on Sept. 14, destroying the home. Firefighters say the home was already engulfed in flames when they arrived.

Two days later, investigators ruled the fire arson.

Neighbors rallied around the couple in the days after the fire. They collected about $1,000 to help them out. A group of children even emptied out their piggy banks. Now residents in the close-knit northeast Springs neighborhood feel like they've been betrayed.

“Our community is so giving and so compassionate. Just out of the goodness of their hearts, gave $1,000--and now that’s just so wrong,” Danielle Sandoval told 11 News after she learned about the arson allegations.

Jacob Warrum was advised of the charges against him Thursday. Authorities announced the arrest of his wife the same day. Kendra Warrum was advised Friday. Both have bonded out of jail following their respective advisements.

The "why"--if the allegations are proven true--has not been answered. But 11 News obtained arrest papers Thursday that shed light into the "how"--as in, the how authorities figured out the fire was likely arson.

According to the arrest affidavit, as soon as fire investigators went into the home, they knew it was likely a case of arson. Investigators said they found two plastic fuel containers, one with gasoline in it, among other evidence.

Authorities began looking at the homeowners as the probable suspects after interviewing the couple separately.

Prior to the fire, the couple reportedly told neighbors they were going camping for the weekend. The affidavit states that they returned home after a neighbor texted them about the fire.

But when investigators spoke to the Warrums, their stories didn't match up. According to the affidavit, Jacob Warrum said they camped in a tent. His wife in a separate interview told authorities they camped in their car.

Then, the affidavit says more details started emerging that pointed at arson and to the couple.

First, a fellow soldier came forward to investigators and said he loaned his truck to the couple for their camping trip. Then when investigators looked at a neighbor's surveillance video, they say that truck was seen leaving the house right before the fire.

Then the arrest papers say Jacob admitted to his fellow soldier in a secretly recorded conversation that he burned his house down and that the truck was caught on surveillance video. He then allegedly tried bribing his friend: the arrest papers say Jacob told the other soldier he'd give him $5,000 to $10,000 if he lied to investigators and said his truck had been stolen or sold.

The affidavit also accuses the couple of increasing their insurance coverage on their house just days before the fire. 11 News has been told the couple was having financial issues.

Not much is known about Kendra Warrum, but 11 News has learned that Jacob Warrum is a decorated staff sergeant with Fort Carson and is with the 71st ordinance group. They deal with explosives. Jacob also owns a side business that manufactures holsters for guns.