UPDATE: Judge Will Allow Accusers To Testify In Hearing For Springs Officer

A judge decided Tuesday that the alleged victims of a Colorado Springs police officer can testify during his preliminary hearing.

Joshua Carrier is accused of sexual assault and buying child pornography.

The judge may allow the children to testify via closed-circuit television so they don't have to be in the same room with Carrier. It will be up to the prosecution to decide if they want to call any of the students to testify in the hearing.

11 News talked to a spokeswoman with Safe Passage, an organization that helps children dealing with abuse, about how testifying in cases like this impacts kids. Tammy Pitzen with Safe Passage tells 11 News that it can actually be a positive thing, by allowing them to take control.

Police arrested 30-year-old Carrier on May 11 on charges of Sexual Exploitation of a Child, a class 4 felony. At that time investigators say they had information that suggested Carrier’s actions were limited to the purchases of commercial child pornography photos. He was re-arrested about a week later. Investigators say he had unlawful sexual contact with children.

Carrier was a school resource officer at Horace Mann Middle School in D-11. Several male students on the wrestling team at Horace Mann have made allegations against Carrier, saying he inappropriately touched their private areas at school when he told them he was checking for ringworm.

Carrier has been at the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center since mid-May, and his bond remains at $500,000. He is on unpaid administrative leave from the Colorado Springs Police Department.

For additional information on Safe Passage, click on the link included below.