Community Pays Respect for Fallen Officer

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Our community is showing its support for Officer Garrett Swasey in so many different ways. Hundreds of people lined the streets to take part in the procession for Officer Swasey that followed his funeral.

The biggest group gathered at the UCCS campus. Some of the students wore blue ribbons. Others held signs and flags to honor Officer Swasey on his final trip past the UCCS campus.

Whether it's signing a banner, or standing together, citizens are showing their support for the Swasey family.

"To be able to sign these banners is just our way of letting them know that we are by their side," said Catherine Lawrence.

Hundreds lined the streets as a procession winded through Colorado Springs. It started at New Life Church.

"He was selfless, he went out there and did a job that a lot of people didn't have to do," said Michelle Merrill.

The largest crowd gathered in front of UCCS, where Officer Swasey worked and where he touched many lives.

"We should be grateful to be able to stand here and hold these American flags and show our support for somebody that was just so brave and such a hero," said Brittany Lattimore.

Students packed in to pay their respect.

“Just to support all of our law enforcement; obviously being a student here you know Officer Swasey," said Caitlin Eells. "And I have close ties with law enforcement as well, and so it really hits home when it’s in your backyard."

"The way that he showed support for our students and us, it's only fitting that we pay that back to him one final time," said Biko Fisher.

His colleagues were in the crowd.

"He's just one of those rare, genuinely kind people, and so everybody wants to remember him for that," said Jessica Kirby, a faculty member at UCCS.

"It shows that we will stand against the evil no matter what the evil is," said Shawn Lewis.

"We're mountain lion strong out here and we'll always be mountain lion strong," said Fisher.

Community members will also show their support for Officer Swasey at the Parade of Lights Saturday night. The banners that people signed will be on display there.