Commissioners: No Nuke Plant In Pueblo County

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Pueblo county commissioners have unanimously voted down a proposal to allow a nuclear power plant and energy park.

Monday evening they decided against re-zoning the land where the plant would have been built-- thousands of acres between Avondale and Fowler.

"For me the paramount decision for me was water and protecting agriculture, it was a hard decision to make," Pueblo county commissioner Anthony Nunez said.

Donald Banner originally conceived the idea for this energy park and nuclear power plant. He's maintained this development would have brought new jobs and boosted the Southern Colorado economy.

"I respectfully disagree with their decision but it's theirs to make and like the rest of us we all have to live with our decisions and they'll have to live with theirs," Banner said.

"I don't think those are the jobs that really people want and in danger the community within," Nunez said.

In recent public meetings, hundreds of opponents have spoken out, worried about the dangers of such a plant, as well questioning as the real benefit.

"I'm glad they voted no, I'm a little concerned about the water of course was a major issue," opponent to the power plant, David Barber said.

Along with water rights, the commissioners also cited safety concerns and uncertainty about the plan's details in making their decision to vote against the rezoning.

Banner says another Colorado community has approached him to look into the possibility of building them an energy park, but he wouldn't say which community.
He hasn't yet decided if he wants to tackle a project like this again.