Colorado Hospital Performs First-Ever Outpatient Hip Replacement Surgery

It's a first for a southern Colorado hospital: Dr. Steven Myers recently performed the first-ever outpatient hip replacement surgery at Penrose Hospital.

Myers says the immediate advantage of the outpatient procedure is less pain for the patient.

"Really what's allowing us to do this is the improvements in anesthetic techniques and surgical techniques that are minimally invasive, that allow patients to get right back up after surgery and walk on these joints right after we put them in.

"For the patient, the immediate advantage is less pain of course, that's what we all want."

Patient Andrew Sabin said he was discharged within a couple of hours.

"My wife came in and I said, 'I’m kind of hungry,' and so she sent me a sandwich and I ate lunch...I was discharged a couple of hours later.”

One week out, Sabin says he's almost back to normal.

"There’s been no pain, it’s just the going through the physical therapy which I went through for a week, and now getting back to my normal life. ... The objective is to walk without a cane and without a limp and the latter is the hard part but I’m working toward that.”