City Council Upholds Vote Banning New Recreational Cannabis Clubs, Coalition Threatens To Sue

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Colorado Springs City Council has upheld its vote banning any new cannabis clubs in the city.

In October, city council approved a six-month ban on any new recreational marijuana clubs opening in the city.

That ban would have expired Tuesday night.

The council members voted for the second time, 6-to-3, in favor of permanently banning any new marijuana clubs in the city.

The existing ones will eventually shut down. They will have eight years to do so.

Colorado Springs police say at many clubs, the staff sells memberships to grow and supply marijuana to their customers.

City council members say that's against the law because recreational marijuana sales are not allowed in the city.

Supporters of the clubs packed city council chambers Tuesday; 40 people spoke in favor of the clubs.

City council upheld their decision.

"I reread the Section 16 of the Constitution and it does not say anything about a right to assemble and smoke in public,” Councilmember Don Knight said.

11 News spoke with a veteran who says this will push people who can't smoke at home to smoke in public and other places.

Robert Corry, with Corry & Associates says he represents a coalition of club-members and clubs. He says they may sue the city.