Campaign To Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse

Drug prevention experts are trying to convince local teenagers that abusing prescription drugs can be just as bad as using cocaine and heroin.

Representatives from Rise Above Colorado are working with students in East and Central High School in Pueblo. They are getting students to talk about drugs like Vicodin,Oxycontin, Ritalin and Adderall--drugs that are frequently abused.

Organizers want to get teens talking about the risks and consequences of abusing prescription drugs, and give advice on how to refuse taking them. They say in Colorado, twice as many people die from prescription drugs than drunk driving.

Students we talked to say they think it's a good idea.

"I feel like kids don't know how to say no because they are trying to be cool... just a simple talk with someone can make the biggest difference in the world," says East High School senior Chris Harshbarger.

Rise Above Colorado is also partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of Pueblo County to raise awareness about prescription drug abuse among teens.

Rise Above Colorado is a statewide drug prevention program aimed at educating teens on the dangers of abusing prescription drugs.