Documents: State Rep. Bradford Changed Story During DUI Stop

Laura Bradford (Rep.) Colorado State Representative, District 55
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During a January DUI stop, documents show that a State Representative told two different stories to police about how much she had been drinking.

The newly released documents relating to the January 25 DUI stop also indicated the Denver police officer involved was uncomfortable that Rep. Laura Bradford was not arrested for DUI.

Bradford was pulled over after allegedly nearly hitting a parked vehicle. The documents show that when the officer asked Bradford if she had been drinking she responded, "Yes, 1 glass of wine."

But according to the written reports, she later told officers she had consumed "3 glasses of wine."

According to the reports, after Bradford failed roadside sobriety tests, the officer told her that her blood alcohol level was roughly .20, way above the legal limit for DUI in Colorado.

Initially, Denver Police said Bradford was not cited for DUI because she invoked immunity under an old law that prevents the arrest of lawmakers if they are on their way to or from legislative work. Later, they apologized and said Bradford never invoked that clause and actually told officers she should be treated like any other citizen.

Denver Police are conducting an internal investigation to determine why she wasn't treated like any other citizen.

The officer summoned a supervisor when he realized Bradford was a legislator. According to the documents, that sergeant told the officer not to proceed with a DUI nor even write on the traffic citation that Rep. Bradford was intoxicated.

When police found a loaded handgun in the representative's vehicle, the officer wrote that the sergeant instructed him to " keep the handgun part of the stop quiet and only we would know.”

Bradford told police she has a concealed weapons permit.

The officer also wrote he was "disappointed in the first place that I had to let Mrs. Bradford go on the DUI.”